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Global Open Versity (GOV) at Vancouver is an online university with a difference. GOV is striving to be a global leader in quality eEducation. We're working to advance education and empower people worldwide through open online eLearning. For info, contact us:

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    Mission Statement

    Global Open Versity (GOV) mission is to foster high-value job-skills targeted education centered on innovative experiential eLearning that meets the needs of diverse student populations, their employers, societies and communities. Adapting programs to an ever-changing global economy & technologies; equip & facilitate critical thinking, collaboration and leadership by integrating adaptive academic theory with education best-practice. The Global Open Versity is inclusive and will provide access to students beyond traditional classroom walls, while being respectful of and responsive to diverse learning styles and culture. We provide a global, mobile, innovative, and highly competitive experiential educational format, giving students flexible options that fit today’s global workplace and suit today's diverse lifestyle – enabling students to realize their educational needs and career goals – at a pace & place that suits student’s hectic lifestyle – anytime anyplace anywhere.

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    Our endeavor is to enhance education skills and careers worldwide for tomorrow’s workplace through eLearning.

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    We’ll work closely with your HR to determine your corporate training needs and create a curriculum that is specifically geared towards staff development and future business growth – so that you can have time to effectively run your company and achieve top ROI.

    Join our partnership program and get access to huge database of cutting-edge premium training materials compiled and delivered according to your business requirements. Non-profit partners receive 50 percent reduction in access to our on-demand training materials and support delivered online or onsite.

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