Virtual Advance Computing institute (VACI)

  • HPCCTR – High Performance Compute Cluster Technology Research

    Oscar Cluster is a high-performance compute cluster set up at Global Open Versity Virtual Labs. It merits a distinction of being one of the best open source HPC cluster that can be deployed easily using Linux powered PCs. OSCAR (Open Source Cluster Application Resource) software offers high-performance super-computing power at a very affordable price. It enables virtually any person with minimal computer skills to transform several standard computers into a virtual super-computer. Oscar was set up at our labs as a part of the ongoing research activity in the field of parallel computing at the institute. The primary purpose of the cluster is to learn parallel computation and its applications. Oscar Cluster is a HPC cluster initially consisting of 2 nodes but is easily scalable depending on the computing needs. It was set up to learn parallel computation and its applications. Some computationally-intensive operations like matrix multiplication, brute-force attack for breaking of DES and parallel searching and sorting algorithms can be easily implemented on Oscar Cluster.